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We started compiling information and photos of the Glens Falls nightlife and other entertainment venues in early 2008.

Before cameras became popular on mobile phones,

we sucked it up and went out with our digital

and video cameras to record what was happening.

Week after week we documented the party people of South Street,

also known as the Street of Dreams.

We were there when there was a Spotlight Lounge on

Ridge Street and a Dream Street bar on South Street.

You could hang out at the Cafe Cabaret on Broad Street

and the Bottoms Up bar was doing karaoke on Warren Street.

We were there when J.P. Bruno’s had their grand opening.

Many bars have gone out of business. Most recently,

the hugely popular Hotshots Sports Bar

closed their doors on South Street.

It’s just a part of the circle of life.

Some would say there is a movement afoot

to close all the bars on South Street.

Only time will tell.

Responsible adults will always need a place to congregate,

share stories and let off some steam after a hard day of work.

There will always be an inherent need to mingle with other people.

Facebook will never replace the real thing.

In the mean-time, we hope to continue to record the history of the local crowd and place it on this website for posterity.


A landmark at 21 South Street for many years

We will also strive to provide you with one place you can go and find out where your favorite band is playing or what your favorite, local watering hole is up to.

We hope you become a frequent visitor to this valuable resource.


Nostrovia !

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