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It’s not Glen Falls or Glenn Falls….it’s GLENS FALLS !

Friday, August 8th through Sunday, August 17th, 2014 and beyond
Some of the Best Bars and Nightclubs are in Glens Falls New York
Many Glens Falls Bars are Open Until 3 AM !……We Only Come Out at Night…….
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NO COVER CHARGE Unless Otherwise Indicated
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Here is the inside skinny:
Adirondack Balloon Festival, Floyd Bennett Airport, Queensbury, 518.792.2600 – Every September

Glens Falls Balloon Festival
Glens Falls Balloon Festival

Adirondack Bar & Grill, Rte. 149 & Ridge Rd, Queensbury, 518.793.2325

Adirondack Theatre Festival, PO Box 3203, 518.798.7479
( see Charles R. Wood Theater )


Beamers Adirondack Pub, 70 South Street, 518.798.9809
Blue Moose Tavern, Rt. 9 and Glen Lake Road, Queensbury, 518.761.2583
( previously The Trading Post )

Open Mic Night, Every Monday, 8 to 11pm

Karaoke with Mitch Frasier, 7:30 to 11:30pm, Wednesdays
PJ and Zack, 7pm, Thursdays

Mitch Frasier, 8pm, Friday, August 8th

Karaoke with Mitch Frasier
Karaoke with Mitch Frasier

Black Abbey, 8pm, Saturday, August 9th

Black Abbey
Black Abbey

Boar’s Nest Bar & Grill, 1263 Patten Mills Road, West Fort Ann, 518.761.9088
Ladies Night Line Dancing with Susie and DJ Bill, 6:30pm, Thursday Nights
Bruno’s – see J P Bruno’s

The Bullpen Tavern, 216 Glen Street, 518.745.5525

Carl R’s Cafe, Exit 18, I-87 and Main Street, 518.793.7676
Casino Lounge, 72 South Street, 518.798.7900
Charles R. Wood Theater, 207 Glen Street, 518.798.0516
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also see Adirondack Theatre Festival

The Pub at Cooper’s Cave, 2 Sagamore Street, 518.792.0007
( aka The Cooper’s Cave Ale Company )

Daily Double, 59 South Street, 518.793.1200
Dango’s Corinth, 515 Palmer Avenue, Corinth, 518.654.8325


Dango’s Irish Pub, 156 Maple Street, 518.792.9861

Davidson Brothers, 184 Glen Street, 518.743.9026

Tim Wechgelaer, 6pm, Thursdays and Fridays
Austin Barosi, 6pm, Saturday, August 9th

Des and Dill’s Lounge and Grill, 515 Palmer Avenue, Corinth, 518.654.8325
CLOSED – See: Dango’s Corinth
Downtown City Tavern, 21 Elm Street, 518.480.3500
DJ Midas, 10pm, Thursdays 


Dream Street, 49 South Street, 518.793.7176 ( Closed )

Dusty’s BBQ, 940 Route 9, Queensbury, 518.798.8700 CLOSED
( formerly Remington’s )
East Slope Bar and Eatery, 59 West Mountain Road, 518.636.3699


Fenimore’s Lounge at The Queensbury Hotel, 88 Ridge Street, 518.792.1121

Open Mic with Joe DeFelice, 8pm, Wednesdays

Frank Palangi, 8pm, Friday, August 8th

Fitzgerald’s Dangos, Route 9, South Glens Falls, 518.793.0177

Caught in a Jam, Friday, August 8th

Upper Hudson Duo, Saturday, August 9th
The Forum, See: Granville Forum

Full Moon, 490 Glen Lake Road, 518.793.1509
AM Bodega, 8pm, Saturday, August 9th
Glens Falls Civic Center ( Buy Tickets Online – Full Schedule )

Good Times, 35 John Street, Hudson Falls, 518.746.1230
DJ Stantastic, 8pm, Fridays and Saturdays

Granville Forum Bar and Grill, 47 East Potter Avenue, Granville, 518.642.0629 – Closed Until Further Notice
Gug’s Sports Bar, 18 Haskell Avenue and Peck Road, 518.792.6112
( Closed for the Summer )
Happy Daze Pub, 27 Main Street, Granville, 518.642.2980
Horny Toads Bar and Grill, 3116 Rout 4, Hudson Falls, 518.636.5379
(formerly The Office Bar and Grill)

Hotshots Sports Bar, 45 South Street, 518.792.4445 – CLOSED
Humbuggs, 569 Gansevoort Road, S. Glens Falls, 518.745.4410

Kyle Lewis, 8pm, Friday, August 8th


Irish Pub, 58 South Street,518.793.7873


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Jake’s Roadhouse, 23 Main Street, S. Glens Falls, 518.761.0015 – Status Unknown

Johnny O’s Pub, 1498 Route 9, S. Glens Falls, 518.812.0265 – Status Unknown

J P Bruno’s Bar and Grill, 30 South Street, 518.745.1180
The Schmooze, 10:30pm, Friday, August 8th

Off the Hook, 10:30pm, Saturday, August 9th

Strangely Weird, 10pm, Friday, August 15th
Good Sir, 10pm, Saturday, August 16th

Knights of Columbus, Route 9, Queensbury, 518.792.1667

Lawrence Street Tavern, 86 Cooper Street, 518.792.9561
( formerly The Wander Inn )
DJ and Karaoke, 9pm, Friday, August 8th
Redneck Soul, 8pm, Saturday, August 9th

Maxwell’s Pub, 198 Main St, Hudson Falls, 518.747.9002

Dick White, 7pm, Friday, August 8th
McCrea Tavern, 64 McCrea Street, Fort Edward, 518.747.2375
Mean Max Brew Works, 193 Glen Street, 518.232.5271
(formerly the Spotlight Lounge)

Molly McGuire’s Pub and Grill, Main Street, Granville, 518.642.2024 – CLOSED
SEE: O’ Callahan’s Pub and Grill

Next Door Pub, 58 Hudson Avenue, 518.793.3786
( Formerly Mike’s Tavern )

Trivia, 6pm, Every Wednesday

Karaoke, 8pm, Thursdays

Dylan Joseph, 8pm, Saturday, August 9th 
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O’ Callahan’s Pub and Grill, 22 Main Street, Granville, 518.642.0200
(previously Molly McGuire’s)

The Office Bar and Grill, 3116 State Route 4, Hudson Falls, 518.636.5379
CLOSED – SEE: Horny Toads Bar and Grill
O’ Toole’s, 118 Quaker Road, Queensbury, 518.793.3389
Megan Houde, 6pm, Friday, August 8th
Mike Packard, Friday, July 25th

James Hood, Friday, August 1st


Peter’s Pub, 157 Maple Street, 518.798.9863

Karaoke, 10pm, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday

Randy’s Roost, 4 South Western Ave, Queensbury, 518.793.1078

Trivia, 5:30pm, Every Thursday


Rare Earth Wine Bar, 164 Glen Street, 518.409.8055

Joe Gitto and Dan Wanczyk, Fridays

Sonny and Perley, 8pm, Saturday, August 9th

Recovery Sports Grill, 751 Upper Glen Street, 518.745.0770

The Rock Sports Bar, Lower Maple Street, Hudson Falls, 518.747.2387
RUE46, 727 Upper Glen Street, 518.683.6354 – CLOSED


Sandy’s Clam Bar, 41 South Street, 518.792.9753
Dirt Cheap, 7pm, Friday, August 8th
Cherry Suede, 10pm, Friday, August 8th
Cherry Suede, 10pm, Saturday, August 9th

Out on the Tiles, 10pm, Friday, August 15th

Spotlight Nightclub, 193 Glen Street, 518.761.0731 – CLOSED
See: Mean Max Brew Works

Stony Creek Inn, 6 Roaring Branch Road, Stony Creek, 518.696.2394

Lucia and Levi, 8pm, Friday, August 8th

Lost Wages, 7pm, Sunday, August 10th

Dry Town Drifters, 7pm, Friday, August 15th

Big Fez and the Surfmatics, 7pm, Sunday, August 17th


Sullivan’s Bar West, 49 Broad Street, 518.792.9784

Sully’s Tavern, 214 Maple Street, 518.793.8958
( aka Sully’s East )

Johnny Max McDonnell, 7pm, Saturday, August 9th
Sunnyside Par 3, 168 Sunnyside Road, Queensbury, 518.792.0148

Don’t Stop Playing, 6pm, Friday, August 8th


Sweet Basil Restaurant and Comedy Club, 1012 Route 9, Queensbury, 518.792.5233

Call for Reservations – COVER CHARGE
Nationally Touring Comedians, 9pm, Every Saturday Night !

Local Comedians Jodie Weiner and Vinnie Mark


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The Tavern, 340 Aviation Road, Queensbury, 518.409.8845
J. Walker, 7pm, Friday, August 8th
Delaney Silverwell, 7pm, Friday, August 15th

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Uno Chicago Grill, Route 9, Queensbury, 518.792.5399
VFW 2475, 30 Cooper Street, 518.761.0531


VFW 6196, 32 Luzerne Road, Queensbury, 518.793.7535

Village Cafe and Tavern, 429 Palmer Avenue, Corinth, 518.820.3030
Wallabee’s Jazz Bar, 190 Glens Street, 518.792.8282


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